Black nickel

Black nickel is useful for optical and technical purposes due to properties such as low light reflection and excellent coverage - making it suitable for complex geometries, providing a hard and durable surface.

Black nickel

Black nickel is most commonly used for optical and technical purposes, as well as when low light reflection is desired.

Black Nickel is often used in conjunction with either chemical nickel or galvanic nickel.

Typical Layer Thickness:

0.5 µm


Black, semi-matt to glossy.


Primarily utilized to achieve low light reflection, and it can serve as a viable substitute for black chrome.


Black nickel can be precipitated on nickel, copper, brass and steel.

Combination coating:

Black nickel can be combined with chemical nickel for use on aluminum.


Black nickel is particularly suitable for coating screws and nuts.

Setup method:

Fixtures and drum.


L x W x D: 550mm x 250mm x 550mm

For other sizes, please contact us.

Series size:

Our process plant is designed to handle production of series in all sizes, from a single item to millions.

Product overview

Product overview

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