Advice on surface treatment

Surface treatment is a crucial element in the final result of a product, whether it is for functional or decorative purposes.


It is advantageous to contact us early in the development process. Our sales department works closely with our experienced technicians to provide the best guidance on which surface treatment is most suitable for your product. We focus on the product's surface from the beginning of the development process to ensure the ideal choice of surface treatment.

We often help clarify the following questions:

  • How the product's design can affect the surface treatment
  • The necessary thickness of the surface treatment
  • The most suitable coating for your purposes

We have dedicated the development and arrangement of process lines, so large productions can run as efficiently and with as high and stable a level of quality as possible.

We mainly work within four industry groups

  • Electronics
  • The energy sector
  • Mechanics
  • Decorative items

Contact us to get answers to your questions and advise regardig your needs for surface treatment.

Product overview

Product overview

Quality & Production

The goal at Chem-Tec Plating A/S is a high level of quality, which is constantly carried out in the form of continuous quality checks before, during and after production.

High quality is involved in the entire process – from prototype to product. Regardless of whether individual or thousands of items are produced, our well-trained and dedicated employees ensure an incredibly low scrap rate.


We are happy to help with the logistics and always strive for the customer's wishes for fast shipping and door-to-door delivery.

With a central location in Denmark, Central Jutland, we cover Denmark, the Nordic countries, Germany and other European countries.

Contact us and find out how we can help you

Contact us and hear how we can clarify your questions about surface treatment and can help optimize the process and carry out the task just as you want.

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