Nickel plating

The nickel coating is a particularly corrosion-protective and wear-resistant surface. The shiny metallic surface is also used for decorative purposes.

Nickel plating

The nickel coating serves a particularly corrosion- and wear-resistant surface. Nickel plating gives the shiny metal surface a decorative appearance, as well as some degree of protection. Iron, brass, copper, and stainless steel are common raw materials. Chem-Tec also has a manual nickel plating unit that handles one-of-a-kind nickel plating jobs.

Because the end product has good wear resistance and corrosion protection, nickel plating can be used in a variety of industries. With our expertise, we will be able to meet your needs and assist you in determining the best method and solution for your product.


Corrosion and wear resistant coating characteristics.


 Shiny metallic surface.

Basic material:

Steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, and zinc can all precipitate nickel.

Layer thickness:

Minimum layer thickness is 5 µm.


 For both decorative and corrosion prevention purposes

Product overview

Product overview

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