Galvanic silver

Galvanic silver is very ductile and can be used to e.g. reduce the contact resistance at high voltage. In addition, the treatment is corrosion-protective and has low friction during adhesive wear.

Galvanic silver

Silver can be a good alternative to gold in electronics, in that silver offers many of the same advantages as gold in the production of electronic components. Silver, for example, has a better electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to silver's ability to minimize resistance, silver plating is used for electronics, e.g. copper parts. 

Silver oxidizes over time, in order to delay the oxidation process, it is possible to passivate after silver plating.

At Chem-Tec Plating, the silver plating is primarily for technical purposes.

Typical Layer Thickness:

3 – 20 µm


Glossy or matt, depending on the substrate.


Silver is mainly used for electronics. Reduces contact resistance at high voltage, corrosion protection, requirements for good conductivity, HF circuits.
corrosion protection, requirements for good conductivity, HF circuit.


Silver can be coated on most metals, including steel, copper and brass.

Combination coating:

Typically, the object is coated with either nickel or copper before applying silver plating. For aluminum, the object is coated with chemical nickel before applying silver plating. In the case of aluminium, the workpiece must be coated with chemical nickel before.


Silver plating is suitable for surface treatment of electrical components, as silver has the advantage of being a solderable material.


L x W x D 550mm x 250mm x 550mm

For other sizes, please contact us.

Series size:

Our process plant is designed to handle production of series in all sizes, from a single item to millions.

Product overview

Product overview

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