Galvanic gold

With its good electrical conductivity, galvanic gold, hard gold, is useful for contacting with the low transition resistance. In addition, the treatment is corrosion-protective and has a hardness of approx. 160 HP.

Galvanic gold

Gold is a base metal that is commonly used for plating a variety of electronic components. There are two kinds of gilding: decorative gold and functional gold. We have both options in house, but we prefer to concentrate on functional tasks. Because of its high electrical conductivity, galvanic gold is ideal for plating electronic components or as an alternative to brass products. The treatment is especially effective for contacting, because it reduces resistance and generates heat at electrical connections. Galvanic gold has a hardness of about 160 HP and is known for its corrosion resistance.

We ensure that the final product is exactly what the customer desires, depending on the end product's intended use. Chem-Tec is well-known for its quality-oriented capabilities, and we use extensive quality assurance throughout the process.

Typical Layer Thickness:

0.1-2.5 µm.


Gold can be precipitated on, for example. Nickel, copper, brass, steel, and stainless steel are all metals. Also with undercoating on Alminium.


Gold is suitable for electronic components such as switches, connectors, springs, circuit boards, and so on, as well as for decorative purposes or as an alternative to brass products.


Galvanic gold, also known as hard gold due to it being alloyed with approximately 0.2% nickel or cobalt.

Product overview

Product overview

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