Galvanic silver

With its ductile coating, galvanic silver is useful for reducing contact resistance at high voltage. In addition, the treatment is corrosion-protective and has low friction during adhesive wear.

Galvanic silver

Silver has numerous advantages in the manufacture of electronics. Silver plating can be used instead of gold plating in electronics, because it has better electrical and thermal conductivity. Because of its low contact resistance, silver coating for electronics is frequently used on highly active copper devices. Because of its ductile coating, galvanic silver is useful for lowering contact resistance at high voltage. Additionally, the treatment reduces friction during adhesive wear and protects against corrosion.  

We work with silver plating on a regular basis, mostly for the electronics industry but also for decorative purposes. Because we have extensive knowledge of all surface treatments and are familiar with all products and conditions. You can rely on us to complete your project correctly.


Very low contact resistance. Good corrosion protection. Ductile coating.


 Light, glossy surface

Typical Layer Thickness:

 5 µm.


Reduce contact resistance at high voltage, corrosion protection, call for good conductivity, HF circuits. Low friction with adhesive wear.

Product overview

Product overview

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