Glassblasting of metal surfaces

Glassblasting is a widespread surface treatment used in many industries. The applications are numerous, especially in the audio equipment industry where the decorative surface is of great importance. Glassblasting is also commonly used for medical and military equipment, as well as mechanical components and design.


Since autumn 2021, we have been able to offer glassblasting of metal surfaces in-house.

Glassblasting can stand as a treatment on its own or with a subsequent treatment such as e.g. plating, anodizing or varnishing.

Glassblasting leaves a nice, uniform silk-matt and decorative surface, which can give the item a more exclusive look.

Furthermore, some of the many advantages of glass blasting metal surfaces include:

  • The surface is easy to clean.
  • The treatment gets rid of oxide layers, leaving it clean and rough.
  • The entire surface of the workpiece becomes uniform – even with curved surfaces
  • The appearance becomes exclusive with a subsequent surface treatment
  • Hides small tensile- and heat streaks, traces of processin, and heat zones from welding

Professional Glassblowing

Glassblowing is typically used to strengthen and clean surfaces, before other surface treatments such as plating. This treatment is more gentle and can therefore be advantageously used on metal parts where fine adjustments are needed.

Glass blowing removes a very limited amount of material from the surface, as the glass beads primarily deform the outermost layer, leaving an even and uniform color and gloss. The process has a minimal impact on the weight and dimensions of the product.

The process aligns with our company's values, as it allows us to offer an environmentally friendly surface treatment. The glass beads we use are of high quality, free of toxic substances, and chemically inert, making them non-hazardous. They help reduce the environmental impact of our operations and those of our customers' supply chains.

Glassblowing is a surface treatment where small beads of glass are blown onto the surface at relatively low power. The effect shapes and smoothes on the hard surface.

Glass beads come in various sizes and types, each creating a different surface texture. We advise our customers on how to achieve the desired result for their component. Unlike sandblasting, which uses abrasive sand particles, glassblowing is non-abrasive.

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Product overview

Product overview

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