Chemical nickel/PTFE

This treatment can be used in places where it is not possible to lubricate. Up to 20 % PTFE particles, also known as Teflon, are embedded, providing good corrosion protection.

Chemical nickel/PTFE

This treatment can be used in situations where lubrication is not an option. Chemical NiP/PTFE is a nickel-phosphorus alloy with 9-12% phosphorus and up to 20% PTFE particles embedded. It has excellent wear and sliding properties, as well as low friction. It has proven to be essential for plating delicate mechanical parts in situations where oil and grease lubrication would not have been an option. 

Chem-Tec can coat inside fittings, valves, hydraulic parts, transmission and pump parts, worn parts, and welding jaws with chemical nickel/PTFE. If necessary, heat treatment can be used to make the coating harder.


Maximum operating temperature of 260 oC, hardness of 450 HV100.


Matt surface, light to dark charcoal grey

Layer thickness:

3-7 m of chemical NiP/PTFE on top of 5–20 m of chemical Ni (Duplex Ni). uniform layer thickness and internal nickel plating on the workpiece.

Base material:

Steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum can all be coated chemically with NiP/PTFE.


 Welding jaws, fittings, valves, hydraulic parts, transmission, and pump parts. used in locations where lubrication is not possible.

Product overview

Product overview

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