Chemical nickel

Chemical nickel is a nickel-phosphorus alloy which can be advantageously used in three ways; high wear resistance, soldering and electronics and good corrosion protection.

Chemical nickel

Because none of our chemical processes require an external power source, we can coat any surface, even those of extremely complicated objects or pipes, completely evenly and uniformly. With a chemical coating from us, your chosen item will have excellent surface protection and resistance to wear and corrosion. The chemical nickel coating is described as bright, semi-glossy, and slightly suggestive stainless steel. The final appearance of the raw material, on the other hand, has a significant impact on the outcome.

Chem-Tec has extensive knowledge in chemical coating for fittings, valves, hydraulics, electric motor parts, sprockets, transmission, and pump components. We are always available to assist you in selecting the best coating for your specific topic


The surface is either light, matte, or glossy, and the color looks similar to stainless steel.

Layer thickness:

5 to 50 µm, while higher layer thicknesses are achievable. Consistent layer thickness on the workpiece, together with internal nickel plating, with a tolerance of 10%.

Base material:

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminum, and sintered components are the basic materials that can be coated with chemical nickel.


Some applications include fittings, valves, hydraulic parts, electric motor components, transmission and pump parts, gears and sprockets, wear parts for packaging machines, and electrical and medical products. It is possible for it to partially precipitate on surfaces such as bearings.


ISO 4527

Product overview

Product overview

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