Matt nickel (Pearl nickel)

A matt surface reminiscent of brushed aluminium, which is particularly used for decorative purposes, as the coating is wear-resistant. Pearlescent nickel is also called satin nickel, matt chrome or pearl nickel.

Matt nickel (Pearl nickel)

Pearlescent nickel has a wear-resistant surface.

Pearl gloss is made in a semi-gloss and a semi-matte finish. Both types are often combined with chrome.

Other names for pearlescent nickel are satin nickel, matte nickel or semi-bright nickel.

Typical Layer Thickness:

0.1-2.5 µm.


Light, greyish surface. Semi-gloss to matte surface, depending on the finish of the raw material. The choice of glossy, matt or glass-blown has a great impact on the end result.


Pearlescent nickel is typically used for decorative purposes, and it also provides a hard and non-reflective surface.


Pearlescent nickel can be deposited on steel, copper and brass.

Combination coating:

Pearl nickel can be combined with gold, chrome or anthracite depending on the desired color, finish and layer thickness.


Partially protects against corrosion, provides a hard and scratch-resistant surface and prevents reflection.

Setup method:

Fixtures and drum.


L x W x D: 550mm 250x mm x550 mm

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Series size:

Our process plant is equipped to handle the production of series of all sizes, ranging from a single item to millions of items.

Product overview

Product overview

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