Matt nickel (Pearl nickel)

A matt surface reminiscent of brushed aluminium, which is particularly used for decorative purposes, as the coating is wear-resistant and does not "take" fingerprints. Pearlescent nickel is also called satin nickel, matt chrome or pearl nickel.

Matt nickel (Pearl nickel)

When matte nickel is applied, it produces a surface that resembles brushed aluminum and is ideal for decorative purposes or as specified by the customer. It has a wear-resistant surface that reduces fingerprint buildup and reflection. Because the coating makes the surface extremely hard and wear-resistant, it can also serve technical goals such as corrosion protection or creating a harder wear layer.

Matte nickel, also known as satin nickel, matt chrome, or pearl nickel, is a metal that can be combined with gold, chrome, or anthracite. As a result, if you have a subject that requires surface treatment after production, Chem-Tec will handle everything. We can handle everything from a single item to large series sizes, and our coating can be used for a wide range of customers in the furniture, electronics, and sanitary fixtures industries, among others.

Typical Layer Thickness:

0.1-2.5 µm.


A light, grayish finish that resembles brushed aluminum


Gold can be precipitated on, for example. Nickel, copper, brass, steel, and stainless steel are all metals. Also with undercoating on Alminium.


Gold is suitable for electronic components such as switches, connectors, springs, circuit boards, and so on, as well as for decorative purposes or as an alternative to brass products.

Product overview

Product overview

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