Chem-Tec Plating A/S specializes in functional surface treatment, which primarily includes properties such as contacting, solderability, wear, friction, hardness and corrosion.

Surface treatment for industry

The surface treatment is based on solutions for a wide range of industries such as the electronics industry and the machine industry, including the food and medical industries.

Flexibility and quality are keywords in the entire production process. From advice and suggestions over trials and production to quality control and delivery.

  • Metallic surface treatment – chemical and electrolytic – with a wide range of processes.

  • Advanced functional and decorative coatings for many different purposes and industries.

  • Advice and development of the right surface treatment for the product/purpose.

  • Specialized construction/installation of production lines for larger, continuous output. 

  • Important participant in Northern Europe

 In addition to carrying out the metallic surface treatment, Chem-Tec Plating A/S often participates in the development process, so that the necessary focus on the product's surface is included from the start of the development process, which ensures the customer the ideal choice of surface treatment.

We have competent and dedicated employees in all functions, a large proportion of whom have been with us for many years. This helps to ensure a consistently high level of quality.

Product overview

Product overview

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