Black nickel

Black nickel is useful for optical and technical purposes with properties such as low light reflection, good covering ability - which is suitable for difficult geometries, and a relatively hard and wear-resistant surface.

Black nickel

Black nickel has decorative, optical, and technical applications in addition to being suitable for challenging geometries and having a relatively robust and wear-resistant surface. After receiving a black nickel surface treatment from us, your chosen item will have low light reflection, be relatively durable and wear-resistant, and have greater covering power than black chrome. Our semi-matt, black nickel coating can be applied to steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, and zinc. 

We keep our focus by working with surface treatment in metals for decorative purposes, and we provide excellent service to all of our clients who request it for their items, such as designer furniture and lamps, among others.


Low light reflection, relatively hard and durable.


Glossy to semi-matt, black surface.

Base material:                   

Black nickel can be precipitated on steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, nickel coatings and zinc.


Optical and technical purposes. Better coverage than black chrome, suitable for difficult geometries. Without Cr or Co compounds. Can be processed after coating.

Product overview

Product overview

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