Pure copper is a good electrical conductor and heat conductor, so it can be advantageously used on non-conductive materials where conductive properties are desired.
Copper has a dense and relatively soft surface.


Copper is most commonly used as a foundation layer for other surfaces. but it can also be used alone for decorative purposes.

Copper will patina over time and become darker, it is possible to delay the patination process by passivating the item.

Typical Layer Thickness:

5-30 µm


Glossy surface that patinas over time.


As an undercoat. As a decorative finish for high end products.


Copper can be precipitated on steel, brass, copper and stainless steel.

Combination coating:

Can be used in combination with, among other things, gold, silver, anthracite or chrome.

The copper coating will act as a barrier between the base material and the final coating, which provides high corrosion protection.


  • An allergy-friendly coating with high density and corrosion-resistance
  • Copper minimizes electrical contact resistance and provides high thermal conductivity


Drum or Fixture.


L x W x D: 550mm 250x mm x550 mm

For other sizes, please contact us.

Series size:

Our process plant is designed to handle production of series in all sizes, from a single item to millions.

Product overview

Product overview

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