Surface treatment for mechanical components

Surface treatment for mechanical parts has been a core area of expertise for us since our inception. We have been utilizing chemical nickel for surface treatment of mechanical parts and have now expanded our offerings to provide a range of treatments for mechanical items with various purposes.

Surface treatment of mechanical components

Both our treatments with electroplating and Chemical plating provide a number of important advantages for mechanical items, including:

  • Wear resistance: Applying a metal coating provides a protective barrier that can increase the wear resistance of the underlying part and reduce the impact of friction.
  • Corrosion resistance: Many types of metal coatings act as a sacrificial coating that resists rust-inducing oxidation.
  • Electrical conductivity: Coating metals with gold, for example, can enhance the ability of electrical components to conduct electricity.
  • Heat resistance: Many industrial processes involve or create intense heat. A metal coating can function as an effective heat shield, preventing damage and extending the life of the part.
  • Increased hardness: Plating onto metal can increase the hardness of a part, helping it withstand intense wear.

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Product overview

Product overview

Quality & Production

The goal at Chem-Tec Plating A/S is a high level of quality, which is constantly carried out in the form of continuous quality checks before, during and after production.

High quality is involved in the entire process – from prototype to product. Regardless of whether individual or thousands of items are produced, our well-trained and dedicated employees ensure an incredibly low scrap rate.


We are happy to help with the logistics and always strive for the customer's wishes for fast shipping and door-to-door delivery.

With a central location in Denmark, Central Jutland, we cover Denmark, the Nordic countries, Germany and other European countries.

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