Surface treatment for decorative items

Common among all our customers within the decorative industries is that their customers are very attentive to the quality of the surface treatment, just like the rest of the final product. Therefore, working with surface treatment in metals for decorative purposes helps us maintain our focus on quality in our own work.

Exclusive, decorative items

Our customers produce large series of exclusive products within many industries. The industries we refer to as decorative include:

  • Designer lamps
  • Designer chairs and other designer furniture
  • Audio equipment for some of the world's most quality-conscious music fans

Our process for surface treatment of decorative items

Surface treatments can also have practical functions within the decorative industry. Some items must be able to withstand frequent touch without changing the appearance, while others must protect the underlying metal surface, although the primary benefit of the surface is the design expression.

However, the cosmetic expression is always crucial within the decorative industries. Therefore, over the years, we have specialized in delivering a perfect surface treatment in metal.

We have incorporated extensive quality control into our entire process, ensuring that decorative surface treatments are free of visible or practical flaws. The high quality requirements demand strict procedures for precise and gentle handling, which our employees are specialized in.

We do not solve tasks with surface treatment for private individuals.

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Product overview

Product overview

Quality & Production

The goal at Chem-Tec Plating A/S is a high level of quality, which is constantly carried out in the form of continuous quality checks before, during and after production.

High quality is involved in the entire process – from prototype to product. Regardless of whether individual or thousands of items are produced, our well-trained and dedicated employees ensure an incredibly low scrap rate.


We are happy to help with the logistics and always strive for the customer's wishes for fast shipping and door-to-door delivery.

With a central location in Denmark, Central Jutland, we cover Denmark, the Nordic countries, Germany and other European countries.

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