Plating of "endless" bands allows one-sided plating from an edge (in controlled depth) or in strips along the band, in both nickel, tin, gold or silver.


At Chem-Tec Plating, we can coat metal strips on rolls on 2 lines. We have the option of making a partial coating, i.e. one-sided, plating from an edge at a controlled depth or in stripes along the band, in both nickel, tin, gold and silver.

Optionally, we offer to coat just one side of the band. In this case, we are capable of plating with Nickel, Tin, Gold, Silver, and Copper on our band system.

Typical Layer Thickness:

Depending on the assignment, inquire further.


Depending on surface treatment.


Smooth or punched bands, e.g. for pins, springs, switches, antennas or other electronics.


Steel, stainless steel, tin bronze, copper, brass or nickel silver.


For components like connectors, switches, and others, it may be more efficient to produce by assemblyline, particularly if coating is only required on smaller areas.

Setup method:

Copper, silver and gold can be surface treated in widths up to 80 mm. Nickel and Tin can be processed up to 120mm in width.

Series size:

Our processing plant is designed to handle to handle production of testbands in sizes down to 20 meters.

During production, we have the capability of producing sizes ranging up to several kilometers.

Product overview

Product overview

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