Galvanic gold

With its good electrical conductivity, galvanic gold, hard gold, is useful for contacting due to the low transition resistance. In addition, the treatment is corrosion-protective and has a hardness of approx. 160 HP.

Galvanic gold

Gold can be divided into two categories, cosmetic gold or functional gold. We have both options in-house, but our main focus is on the functional tasks.
We have both options in house, but mainly focus on the functional tasks.

Gold has good electrical properties, which is used for switches and connectors found in most electronic products.

At Chem-Tec Plating, we offer:

  • Solid gold
  • Soft gold
  • rose gold
  • Antique gold

Hard and soft gold are mostly used for electronics, while rose gold and antique gold are more commonly used for decorative purposes. We have all four types.
Common to all types is that they consist of 24 carat gold.

Typical Layer Thickness:

0.1-2.5 µm.


Hard gold looks like gold from the goldsmith and gives a shiny surface. Depending on the starting material.

Rose gold has a more reddish surface that can resemble copper.

Antique gold is lighter than hard gold and can be used if you want items to resemble brass.


Gold is suitable for electronic components such as contacts, plugs, springs, printed circuit boards, etc., decorative purposes, or as an alternative to brass products.


Galvanic nickel/gold is also called hard gold, due to it being alloyed with approximately 0.2% nickel or cobalt.

Combination coating:

Typically, one would have a nickel undercoating before applying gold. The nickel can be either matte or shiny depending on the desired end result.
The nickel can be either matte or shiny, depending on how you want the end result.

With an undercoating of nickel, it is also possible to coat both steel, stainless steel, aluminum and tin bronze.


Gold is highly suitable for contacting as it reduces transition resistance and heat development in electrical connections.

Setup method:

Fixtures or drums.


L x W x D 500mm x 250mm x 600mm

For other sizes, please contact us.

Series size:

Our process plant is designed to handle production of series in all sizes, from a single item to millions.

Product overview

Product overview

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